Product update :- Not much happening still loadz!

I have down with flu and temperature for the last couple of days and i think during this time i have created more colorful graphics than the usual days :) . While browsing my latest find is a very yummy blog which i think i found at just the right time when i am exploring colors and trying to find inspirations. The blog is Simply Hue . Although i haven't browsed through the past posts but the flickr collections of color inspirations are just so very lovely!.
Maybe i will get some more inspiration and create some color swatches from these collections later on.
Latest on the store front has been a few products additions which i would really love to share with you . The one that took a little time for me to create is the Calender 2010 photoshop brushes set.

Creating a calender is just so easy with this one with unlimited possibilities! and if you are a bit crafty soul , print them out , cut them out punch a hole on top and hang it anywhere!
And after this two new additions are brand new sets set for the holiday season "Tis the season" Added to the Etsy store check then out here.


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