Pretty Small things cute kiwaii flowers hearts by aifactory

New painting "Home sweet home"

I really needed some artwork on hang on my entrance door ! so here is my "Sweet home" acrylic painting !

My Designs now at CardGnome

Trying out new lines and arenas See my new cards and greetings designs at Card Gnome now under the name of Print me a Party .
Here are the initial set of Designs.

Peace wishes this Ramadan

Peace wishes this Ramadan by Print Me a Party

Browse thousands of greeting cards on Card Gnome!

Noahs Arc Blank card

Noahs Arc Blank card by Print Me a Party

Browse thousands of greeting cards on Card Gnome!

All the Animals Blank Card

All the Animals Blank Card by Print Me a Party

Browse thousands of greeting cards on Card Gnome!

Waking up to a new day

Got back into painting here is a cute little birds watercolor art , hope you like it !

Another blog and another site for Party printables , free printables and customized party invites

Taking some time out to update my friends of a new website i started please take some time out to visit my other blog of FREE party printables @ PRINT me a PARTY blog
Do visit the customized digital party printables at my store as well .
Through the blog i will be offering , completely free printable party invites , matching cupcake toppers printable sheets , thank you notes , teachers printables , teachers resources and worksheets , free recipe cards and much more . Follow the blog as i will be soon updated loads and loads of free printables!

Mia is blogging --Have you Tried digital papers? a sneak peak !

It has been such a busy day ! , i set myself up today in the direction to create a few digital papers and when i did sat down i just couldn't stop and i was really amazed at the number of papers that i managed to create! 50 in all!!! here is a a preview of one set that i just finished compling . this one is black and white so it has limitless possibilities ! these can be used anywhere in crafting softwares where you can use overleys , black and white images to create silhouettes and cutouts and so much more! I even created a quick invite by just layering a few of my creations

and here is what i created using these

 i just have to submit these to store yet , but just couldn't wait to show it off to you ! :)
oh and did i mention that i created a few clipart sets as well?
here are the previews and once these are uploaded to the store i will update the link to these to the store here at AIF ....

and look at this one too :)

and then These!!

All this in one day! yes and besides this i resolved so many issues of my two boys enjoying their summer vacation and splashing in water all day as we had a rainy day here , yes full day the sky pouring after many days of harsh mister sun sipping with straw directly from our heads!
Hope your days are better - wish you all the good things in life!
signing off Mia'

Freshly Drawn - Fun in Circus - Cliparts and graphics Vector pack

It is a waaaaaaaaaaaay  hot day here hotter than ever! and i Just finished creating this wonderfully adorable and cute lion in the circus ! wont you like to take  him home? .

and here is a sample card that i created

currently available through Etsy Store . I will be listing it as soon as i can to AiFactory :)