Facinated with birds my latest cliparts

and here is a sample card created with these cliparts by PMAP

My 10 things to do in 2010

With the start of the new year and as we hop on over to the new year , which ofcourse we already have i think it is a good idea to lay down some lines of work for myself also plan out a bit what i will expect from myself. Here is what i expect to do !
1- Get the greatest project of my life!
2- Spend more time with my kids
3- Take Aivault from 5K visitors daily to 10K
4- Manage myself and teach my kids tips to manage life
5- Brand AiFactory and make it biggest resource of Digital Resources! (whats the harm in thinking!)
6- Give more ! ask for less in return
7- Multiply my income by 10!!
8- Take responsibility of at least one orphan.
9- Be a better daughter
10- Be a better wife :)
anyone else willing to share their 10 commitments to self? oh and nearly forgot to write the above illustration is just for fun , i want a brighter sunnier tomorrow and wish the same for everyone in 2010.

Start of a brand new year and my gift for you

Just wrote a post for AIF Blog and posted a freebie , find the details over at AIF blog

My Process of Coloring illustrations using mesh and knife tool

Since my aim here is just to share with you the process of coloring i will not be going much further in the details of drawing process but i will just elaborate my drawing a bit. I start by creating a sketch , then keeping it in front of me as a reference i turn to Flash . And start working with basic shapes circles and lines , . After i am done i export the lines as illustrator 8 document . After opening it up in illustrator i have a clean crisp line which is exactly what i want. This little girl is part of a digital stamps series that i am creating for Aifactory Crafters community , her name is Ella and she is sitting in a yoga pose here :) Continue reading the tutorial that i wrote for Aivault HERE
Ella is available for download through Aifactory store hop on over to AiFactory Blog to know more about her!