My 10 things to do in 2010

With the start of the new year and as we hop on over to the new year , which ofcourse we already have i think it is a good idea to lay down some lines of work for myself also plan out a bit what i will expect from myself. Here is what i expect to do !
1- Get the greatest project of my life!
2- Spend more time with my kids
3- Take Aivault from 5K visitors daily to 10K
4- Manage myself and teach my kids tips to manage life
5- Brand AiFactory and make it biggest resource of Digital Resources! (whats the harm in thinking!)
6- Give more ! ask for less in return
7- Multiply my income by 10!!
8- Take responsibility of at least one orphan.
9- Be a better daughter
10- Be a better wife :)
anyone else willing to share their 10 commitments to self? oh and nearly forgot to write the above illustration is just for fun , i want a brighter sunnier tomorrow and wish the same for everyone in 2010.


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