Banner Design

You need a banner made Quick? and have no idea where to get started ? well here is your chance ! get yourself a creative banner made in a jiffy! Banner Creation service is available in any size you like! These can be used anywhere to promote your site , either on one of the sites of One8edegree Network ads or any other site! .
Get a Static Banner Priced at $35
An animated banner priced at $50
Here are a few sample banners i have created.

So crafy and cool works!

I must say i am really blown away by the creativity that i have encountered while browsing and it really makes me question myself what am i doing?! Just came across the blog of Creating From the Heart and really was impressed by the designs she has come up with !
This blog is being run by Melissa Bove . A must visit! also she is hosting a give away which you shouldnt miss out Check it out over here ....after the JUMP .

Busy but not so busy back to school , ramadan and stuff!

Oh my! it has been a week since i have posted anything! , on this blog maybe not much at all beside work.Kids school starts set 2nd and i still have to rush and get the books and with that ramadan is arriving as well , Sunday will be first ramadan and we will be fasting and having blast off time cooking , baking and eating!. Yay!!!.....probably more of food stuff coming on the cliparts store :).
Yesterday was my creation day and i created a fun back to school set of illustrations!althoghy my drive is already full of back to school vectors , i wanted to create more fresh stuff here is a preview of the new set.

And I had to take off stuff of two of designers from the store as they had some issues from their associates which obviously they should have confirmed with before submitting to my store. AiF is very partiular about copyright issues and when these images are submitted everytime with each image submission artist signs a form which states clearly that they should have full right on the file submisssion and AiF will not be responsible . So hopefully in the future artists will read the terms of submission
And with this i have a new project in hand which is quite interesting , it is an interface design for a Gui application as well as a logo . So i will be working for a while on this quite fun isnt it!!

Submit content to AiVault store and earn a whooping 90% commsion

Yes! we are getting ready for the official launch of Aifactory - The design factor and we are seeking designers to join us on this quest . Please note designer seats are limited . It is not a site with 100 or 200 contributors we are seeking artists who are seeking opportunities online to build up a name and repute as a brand. And not all applicants will be approved but still it is worth it! . Designers are being taken in with a whooping 80% commission rate. AND artists who join us within August and upload at least 20 approved products are given comission rate of 90% till the end of Dec!! how cool is that?!! Read all the details on the store page over here
What do you have to do?
All you have to do is signup to the site , and upload atleast three of your products to Approval Que . Once approved you will contacted with additional details .
What we are looking for?
We are looking for Vector packs , Cliparts sets , photoshop brushes , vector brushes , individual eps illustrations , digital stamps ( png files for crafters) , blog headers and even wordpress themes.
If you are not interested spread the word let other artists know about this great opertunity . AiVault already has a repute and we would love you to help us build it more!!

Lets Decorate these headers!

Well it has been quite a day , i worked for an hour and created some beautiful blog headers including this blog's . And then it hit me to share it with my friends around . So i am giving away this blog header free to three lucky winners . Lets first see what you will win!

Yes you will win this blog header which graces my blog as well . See the listing at the store HERE!
This is not all you also win customization of this header! i will place your blog title and then send you the file . So how do i choose the winner? and what you have to do? All you have to do is talk about AiFactory a little on your blog . So one person will win this header with customization and i have got 10 blog couture headers to give away from aifactory !! So what are you waiting for talk about it at your blog and then drop the link to your blog in the comments!!

New header design for AiFactory

I had so much fun creating the header for AiFactory site . In order to create the header i got lost in creating some cute brush sets . Starting off with illustrator then ending up creating brushes and then just splattering around the header with brushes . I really didn't think of any directions i just simply had fun while creating it ... let me know what you think!