I did this! :- Stitching project

I used to be such a crafter and good at stitching when i was away from this monster computer and pen tablet! and once i started off with drawing and designs somehow the little stitching person in me got lost . Just to revive that i am now trying my hands on stitching and being Good at it! :P will i be successful ... Sure! i will... that's the spirit! :)
So i started looking for stitching patterns for boys , God internet is such a big place but cant a girl find a free pattern for boys shirts!?! or have i missed something ?
anyway i finally found 90 Minute Shirt and i am glad that i did! :)

and then i HAD to make it!
Great thing about being in pakistan is that Paksitan produces best of cotton for tees and all the brands like Levis , Next , CalvinKlien get their stuff done from here . And when i decided to hit the market of tee cloth WOW! i found such treasures!.
Anyway Finally i got myself 2 KGs of cotton for tees .. YES they sell here by KGs in this market it is around $2 per KG!
Here is what i came up with finally.!

Not a perfect photograph but i did it!!


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