Switching to a Wake up early Routine

Me and murad have decided to have our lives better managed...oh finally LOL . So we are trying to tuck our kids in bed ON time that is 8:00 and then clean up the kitchen , throw away the garbage and say our prayers on a timely manner and be in bed by 9:00! well since we implemented this we are trying our best and by the time we switch off the lights it is 10:00 already !. But hey it is a good start . So we wake up now at 5 in the morning and off to a fresh start with kids still in bed and 1 and half hour to say morning prayers , and check our emails . I think it is working for us as most of the client list is overseas and they are usually wrapping up the day when me are getting out of bed :) . Lets see how well this routine goes and what positive changes it would bring in our lives.
As for the kids Mahd n Emad are soon having their pre final exams so little guys are having a tough time. Mahd is having difficulty remembering 4th table , which im a bit surprised about , as he is quite good at maths. I must look for some fun resource sites for him or maybe create some flash cards for him .
Here is a pic of both on our trip to Muree


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