Win a Gift Certificate from AiFactory

Hi all , this week has been quite busy for me , i had few fun projects which just got me busy too much even to look at the store ! . One of them was a mascot illustration for BITCH inc. Read all about it over at my illustrations and Design blog AiVAult .Where i created this fun looking cute girl riding a bike.

Then after this i have i have a $15 to spend to give away to one of my lucky readers all you have to do is head over to my etsy store and then leave a comment letting me know what you would like to receive as a gift if you won and why?!

And if you talk about it at your blog too then you get one extra point for doing so! cant wait to give it away! so comment awayyyyyyyy......


Lotusart said...

hi mia, i tried to comment at aifactorychallenges blog but i couldt... so here's my comment, i hope it still counts. I would love the doodle me some lovestamps, i just loooove them and i already so many great things i would do with them.

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